The Journey Starts With The First Step

A journey can be many things; the ride to school, a secret path you take to your best friend's house, time it takes to get to know someone really well or maybe just LIFE. For me, journey means all those things but two have a special meaning to me.

  1. JOURNEY, as in LIFE.
  2. JOURNEY, as in the path to HAPPINESS.
Ever since I was little, being happy was something that came naturally to me. I couldn't go a day without a smile or stating that I was happy. My life was like a fairytale when I was young, later everything started to change. I found that not everybody was happy and healthy, not everyone was as nice as they seemed at first. I started realising all theses things. They all came out way too quick for me to handle them all, causing me stress problems. I ignored the unceasing panic and made my goal in life to help people be happy.

With each following year of my life, the problems started growing, multiplying for both me and the people close to me. I started feeling them overcome me. I took my first step.

FEBRUARY  1st - The YouTube Journey

I had enough of everything going on and I uploaded my first (and most cringe-worthy) video to YouTube. I wanted to go into YouTube for a few years, but I kept waiting for all the problems to disappear. When they didn't, I threw everything and sprinted towards my dreams. It was a start of something beautiful and yet still a lot of problems.
Luckily, the problems from YouTube led me to another journey, one that finally got me thinking and combined together helped me get up and not get pushed down again.

APRIL 9th - The Journey Begins

I had an idea.
I wrote it down 
I thought about it. A LOT.
Things started processing in my head. I didn't write much in my blog, on that day everything changed. I had just came out of Julia's flat when I decided I'd start The Journey. I was in a dreadful time in my life when I did. Maybe that's why it had such an impact on me.

Everyday at 8 o'clock my time, I would write a new blog post about:
  • what I did,
  • what I will do soon,
  • what I want to do,
  • how I feel,
  • things that are bad,
  • things that are good,
  • anything I have a feeling I should write about. 
It was a place for me to be me, that INSIDE me. The one from YouTube is the outside me. 1 person can be many people I guess... I started showing literally all of myself. Both the inside and outside were out for everyone to see. I had never felt better for revealing myself.

Because I was writing to literally everyone, I felt the duty to be truthful and not have a doubt about what I was writing, after all for the majority of the time the only person reading was me. And as much as I can't lie to others, I really had to learn to stop lying to myself.

The Journey has brought out many things in me, mostly myself. It has become a huge piece of me and I hope it can help others as much as it hepled me.


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