Perspectives (once more)

I feel like I have spoken about perspectives too many times, but in all honesty, I find it one of those topics that never gets boring to me.

Perspectives calm me. In both the creative as in the logical sense.

When taking a picture, drawing or writing, I always think about what perspective I am creating from. This makes me stand out from many other artists who just draw because they must. Perspectives are important!

When in need of a healthy piece of advice, I either go to a close friend or myself. That being said, I have to leave my own head and view the world from different sides to understand the situation I am dealing with. That's why I mostly always end up with a solution or answer that gives me some kind of inner peace.

Now, as much as I'd love to delve into this further, it is getting quite late. However, I am coming back! For those who don't know, I have a very inactive YouTube channel that I adore ever so much and since I have received the long lost birthday present of mine, I shall be coming back to the world of YouTube and I plan to continue my POV topic on there so look forward to it.

Right, I must be off. I wish you luck in finding beautiful perspectives!

gabriella gibek


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