Another day, another post written in the dark at 1 am.

It seems that this year won't stop this "paranormal" theme. The explanation behind the theme is honestly too long and tiring to dive into, but I'll just leave it at the point that 2017 isn't easy, although it is still quite rewarding.

I'm trying my hardest not to look at what has happened, despite how harrowing. Instead, I'm focusing on my strengths along with getting stronger.

My friends.
I am so incredibly proud of them and lucky to have them, whether I can hug them in 3D or online. They save me everyday, even when they don't know what to say. I'm extremely thankful, I really am.

My dreams.
Somehow, I've been given the chance to succeed. I own a ukulele, I have newly bought roller skates which I am currently mastering, I stretch practically everyday and taking photos isn't a sad activity any more. The photos subject is still extremely gentle, I wish to have a camera soon and am still extremely thankful for those who are making my dream a reality.

It's always troubling for me to explain myself to others. My mind gets stuck in the void of "who are we?" as I try to release the words through my throat. I don't consider myself ugly, I like the way I look. I am proud of my muscles that others think are just lumps of fat. I am proud that people consider me stupid, because proving them wrong afterwards seems even more amusing. I like the idea of wearing cute lace underwear, even if I'm the only one who knows about it - just for the sake of admiring who I am. Please don't say you're ugly, stupid or that you hate yourself. Don''t mean it.
It's dumb, what I'm about to say, but I love you. I hate the idea of anyone discarding themselves as a wonder, for I don't believe that anyone should be discarded. Treat yourself.

Eat a cookie.
Think about now, the cookie is really good by the way.

love, gabriela


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