A Poem For The Notifications

It was never much of a story
I saw you at the back of the class
The lesson was pretty boring
But I was awakened by your glance

It was never supposed to go on
And that's true because it didn't
Broke the sharp end of the crayon
Left the colours hidden

I never stopped staring at the back of your head
Diverted my gaze when you turned
I couldn't let you see me there
Thinking about what could've happened

I never stopped waiting for you to go online
And imagining the conversations you made
The fake sorrow you gave from your own prime
Only to hide your inevitable blockade

I shouldn't be doing this
But every time my phone wavers
As I go to dismiss
I hope you'll be my life saver

We can become the pairing we want
As we live out our dreams in reality
But when I open my eyes I don't want to be daunt
That you're not really beside me.

love, gabby


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