Missing You

How does biology explain the physical pain in your chest when you miss someone?

Lately, I've been thinking about thoughts. Let's say that I, as a person, am located in a dot. The dot is precisely the place that I am located. If we zoom out and look at the world from the perspective of space, we are literally invisible to the human eye. However, let's say that two people are thinking about each other at the same moment. Thus, a connection is born and if we were literally connected by some kind of beam, the connections may be visible from afar. Say now, I asked my lovely best friend to think of me as I did the same. If she were at home, the connection still wouldn't be visible because she would be to close too my home and our two dots would connect into a slightly bigger line. However, with her being so far away from me at this very moment (causing me to miss her) our connection is humongous and everyone can perceive it with their very eyes.

This vision was brought to me by the power of thought, for thought is one of the magical things that is not limited by time, topic or location. Sometimes it really fascinates me how I could be in one place, but the thought or topic of me could be elaborated in a whole different country. I'm living my normal life in Poland, completely oblivious to the fact that my name is being discussed elsewhere. Incredible.

Try to imagine your thought map. Where do people think of you and where do you think of others? Delve into the idea of a thought and examine it. Look further than you're used to. YOLO *sorry*

love, gabby


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