No, I'm not gay. However I am bisexual, but that's not really what I wanted to talk about today.

[update 11/11/2017 i am in fact very very gay, 96% at that. boys are fucked hah]

*sorry for that click bait haha*

As a proud representative of the lgbtq+ community, I delve into information about how gay rights are perceived in the world practically every day. It saddens me that this is still something that people argue about and have to fight for.

Lately, a very popular Polish singer shared a fanmade music video for her own song. The video was made by a gay couple. Many people started attacking her for sharing the video, blaming her for being fake as much as criticizing the lgbtq+ community.

I can understand why the community brings such controversy to the world but the whole fact that people still can't get over it is getting quite tiring. Homosexuality is literally written in biology and in our genes (obviously not in everyone's genes). Just as I and many others have previously mentioned, people should be allowed to love whoever they like, it really shouldn't matter.

That's it really. I can't force anyone to start thinking about gay rights differently but it's always worth a try. Stay strong everyone.

love, gabby


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