Stupid vs Smart

I've always been told to be two things; nice and intelligent. My mum always tried to place those two characteristics in my mind and she managed to do so. However, I'm not the only human in the world and everyone acts differently. You see, just a couple days ago on a maths lesson, one of my fellow classmates told the teacher "stupid people have easier lives". At first I quickly agreed and then I automatically denied. I found myself baffled. For these past few days I've been wondering about the topic, unsure of the answer. That's when I figured I could write a blog post about it. So without further or do, I'm going to try to decide who [stereotypically speaking] has easier lives - smart or stupid people.

The first thing I have to describe are the definitions of our representatives. By a smart person, I'm considering someone with a more mature nature, someone who isn't necessarily incredibly serious about everything but can act like a grown up when needed to. By a stupid person, I'm thinking about someone who comments on everything others say, who doesn't care about responsibilities and doesn't recognize the seriousness of situations. I also have to declare that in this individual debate I am only taking these two aspects into consideration, the whole rest is blanked out. But also most obviously this is all written by adjusting certain stereotypes.

Smart people are expected to be better organized. People assume they know what to do at any given moment and that they have a better view of situations, which can help them avoid negative activity. They are very tactile with their words and know how to successfully manipulate people. People usually trust the smarter people more, which leads positions them in a better place (for example the smart kids at school). However, smart people are often overloaded with responsibilities which can cause them multiple different problems. Because others see them as guides, their mistakes are cautiously watched. Nonetheless, they are situated on higher social platforms, so their bad judgments will be forgotten as time progresses.
Stupid people ride a different train. People don't have high expectations of them due to their usual low incompetence. They also often receive special treatment because of their lack of motivation to their work. When it comes to who is more watched, it is hard to pick a side. The smart people are watched for inspiration, motivation and to watch them slip up however the stupid people are often perceived as jokesters, which can raise their popularity. No matter their fame, their mistakes won't have any weight, due to the fact that others are so used to the stupidity.

Overall, both teams have their pluses and negatives, many of which I didn't elaborate. After thinking through as well as discussing (and co-writing with Angel, thanks fwend) this topic, the natural conclusion is that being a mixture of 'smart' and 'stupid' is the best way to go. Of course, this is a stereotype based creation, so in nature most of us are a mixture of these two functions. The important part is to know when and how to use which side of you. It's as if you're being stupid in a smart way and vice versa.

And you may not understand a word of this sentence jumble mumble, but it my crazy mind palace it all makes sense. So with that, I bid you farewell and good luck with finding yourself (otherwise known as the never ending stooooooryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy).

love, gabby


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