Here's To A New Year

I figured I'd do a little throwback to a post from last year where I wrote a poem for the new year... Alas, this is my creation for 2017.

2016... you were shit
okay, maybe just slightly
but let's be real - you just weren't it
so please just leave politely

2017 how are you
i've already heard wonders
dear year, what do you plan to do
about that one may ponder

firstly, take care of my friendships
they saved my entire year
give them all of the happiness
and let them cry happy tears
secondly, take care of my soul
it's gone through both good and bad
place it in a 'happy shaped' mold
i beg - don't let it go mad

honestly, just treat us all well
you know that's what we all want
please don't let us curse you to hell
be nice, oh year, don't be blunt

love, gabby

ice skating
buy some stuff
get out of your breakdown
don't worry so much


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