The Ratatouille Anniversary

Every year on December 8th I watch the animated movie, Ratatouille.


If you were expecting some kind of heart-wrenching story about how this came to be... you're in the wrong place friend. Okay, so there is a backstory but it isn't very special to a new listener, it's just meaningful to me.

3 years ago I was flipping through the channels when I saw a short Disney trailer for an animated movie. I would of most probably ignored it if not for the fact that I recognised the film in some strange, undirected way. It wasn't until I saw the title that I reminded myself completely about the movie.


The movie of my childhood. I used to watch that movie whenever I possibly could, that movie brought me so much happiness, nobody could explain why. I had never felt so connected with my younger self until this very moment. I watched out to see when the movie would be on Disney Channel... December 8th. Okay, make that a date!

Ratatouille is what inspires my creativity every year. I am yet to have made the dish however it is on my bucket list, trust me. I remember that watching this movie made me realise what being inspired felt like. After all, it was only a few months later that I started writing everyday on my blog from the overflow of inspiration.

Anyhow, I'm going to get some food (naturally) as the movie is already waiting for me.

Tell me about your childhood movies, maybe we share some favourites.

See you on the flip (phone... *HELLO FROM THE OTHER-*) side... I apologise haha, BYE!



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