The President Of The United States

Sure, I'm most probably not the person you should be listening to on the terms of voting but I wanted to add my own opinion to this huge discussion.
At the beginning of the election I thought that Donald Trump was only in it for the power and I didn't expect that people would be crazy enough to support him. First strike.

Then again I also thought that Hillary Clinton was the absolute perfect candidate as I saw nothing wrong with her. Two strikes.

The truth is that both main candidates aren't perfect. Most of us would just prefer for Barack Obama to come back for... forever actually. But this is politics - nobody can understand this shit.

Something I've realised while I have been watching this election is that people are trying to prove their candidate is better by stating their "flawlessness". Um, sorry? No. As I said earlier, NOBODY is perfect and these two definitely don't make an exception. But stating that Hillary has always been a good person or that Donald doesn't hate the lgbtq+ community? Come on guys, stop messing around.

People are fixed on certain facts. They're most definitely having the most fun attacking Hillary. "FBI..." this and "she lies..." that. Boohoo - people lie. Yes, I also know about the war thing and I am NOT okay with that. She acted foolishly with the emails - I am aware of that. And she lies... Donald doesn't? Donald isn't paying his taxes even though he's a billionaire, he sexually assaulted multiple women, he wants to blow everything and everyone up and build a wall between Mexico and the USA, he doesn't actually know anything about politics and, you may have known this, ALSO WANTS WAR. I agree on how he is a new flame to the fire and how he can change the USA and lead it to something better but... how can people so calmly vote for someone who's a sexist and a homophobic racist?

And so it sounds probably sounds as if I like Hillary more. Nah, not really. I don't like either of them too much but these are the two choices we've been given. We honestly don't have another choice and voting 3rd party is a waste of a vote.

Now excuse me but I'm just gonna leave so I can stress more about this election. It'll all be over soon and I am terrified. Let's hope for the best.



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