Attic Adventures

Hello everybody!

I've been trying to organise my life for the past few weeks. School has been an absolute pain but this is the last year, so I'm just looking forward till the end of it.

About a week ago, I was changing a few things around in my room to get ready for Winter! I found myself stuck when I was looking for my sister's old curtains, so I thought they might have been in the attic.


Yeah, they weren't in the attic.

However I did find multiple different things as well as something that I wanted to get for Christmas (that I obviously don't need to buy anymore, since I have it now).

That's all from this introduction, THIS IS WHAT I FOUND!


These boots are practically unused and were bought in the 90s. They used to belong to my mum, she bought them the day she passed her driver's test. They ended up being too big for her so they practically just sat at the back of her closet for many years and then in the attic, where I found them. After around half an hour of convincing, my mum let me take them!

*attained new old shoes*


The story behind the graphic tablet is actually quite humorous. It is over 5 years old, that's for sure. Whenever I'd ask mum about the tablet she'd always have one of a few replies: "I'll find it when I tidy up my room", "I lost it", "I sold it", "Doesn't dad have it?", "I don't know where it is". A couple months ago, the tablet showed up (as it does every so often) and my mum decided to put it in the attic because she ended up losing the pen. Two months ago I found said pen but mum didn't remember where she put the tablet and stated that she threw it away. Nonetheless, I decided to keep the put in case the tablet were to miraculously show up. That's why you can imagine my happiness when I found the tablet up in the attic!

90s BAG

I always used to be into fashion. I guess I can thank my sister for that. Our fashion styles were obviously different though; my sister preferred classy, elegant clothing, where as I loved to look back on the vintage, alternative and 80s/90s clothing. That's why I was very happy to find this bag, which also belonged to my mum.


The next thing I saw were a few old calenders from the 00s. They were very pretty but useless since they were well... of the past years. But I didn't realise that the case could've been taken off. I don't know what notebook or book I'm going to keep in here at the moment, but I can't wait to find something worthy of this fantastic spot.


These are some of the oldest photos that we have in our house (not counting the ones of young me).
I love looking at old photos. Practically all of the old ones were taken before I was even born, which makes them even more magical. I just love the connection that's all held in one picture.


For God knows how many years now, definitely over 5, I've had the same Christmas tree in my room. It's about 70 cm tall, very easy to put together and doesn't need to be watered haha (okay, okay, I'll cut the bad jokes).


It turns out that we have a lot of vintage clothes that I never knew about. We have a lot of old Nike and Adidas clothes that I never knew about including those Adidas trackies that you can see right there. Living with only women is great because the clothes go round the house in a cycle and if one person can't wear something, the other usually can.


All of my gloves went missing. All three pairs where in a bag hidden in the attic... BUT I GUESS I HAVE THEM AND MANY MORE NOW!


I've been meaning to try to sew something lately. All of our sewing kits were hidden in the attic so when I found them, I quickly pulled them downstairs too. Who knows, maybe it'll be my new hobby if I'm any good.


And that's basically all I found! I always like looking around my house for new - old things, the attic is no exception. I ended up spending over an hour there... whoops. Anyhow, go look around! Maybe you'll find something you never even knew you had.

Love, Gabby


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