"You're An Interesting Person..."

I have always felt like I haven't been enough. You see, being interesting was always a factor I couldn't achieve. When I found someone interesting, who I wouldn't be able to read entirely in one go, I would be fascinated and properly centre my life around them (for God knows how long). Certain people I obsess over for a couple days, others I'm still obsessed with till this day. Nonetheless, I was never one to hit that interesting masterpiece.

Well, the title is in quotes so you can guess what happened... someone called me interesting. In fact, very interesting. And the special someone who said it is a person who I find fascinating myself.

If someone I didn't know told me those exact words, I wouldn't be too astonished. However, this person being my very, very good friend of practically 5 months now, I was breath taken. Am I exaggerating? Most probably.

To me, being interesting is that life goal, that happy place in life that I reach to. I'm so happy to be who I am, even if I forget about that a lot.

And for me... everyone is interesting, but only with a time limit. At first meeting I find interest in say 80% of people, then after some time the interest will fade but there are people who keep me interested to this day, whether it's been months or years. Those people just never get off my mind.

Thank you, my lovely Angel x



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