Winter Blues

For a few years now I have been feeling low. The feeling usually shows up after the summer holidays. I always thought I was experiencing trauma after a bullying incident a couple years back however, after a short conversation with my mum, who's a psychologist, it turns out that I might actually be suffering from seasonal affective disorder, or shorter SAD (yes, the short version made me chuckle... a lot).

What is it? It's a mood disorder that shows up during autumn and/or winter.

Why does it show up? It may show up due to the lack of sunlight, deduction of summer foods and difficulty of handling yourself in colder temperatures.

What are the symptoms? Some of the signs include: nausea, tiredness, problems with getting up in the morning, oversleeping, overeating, problems with concentrating and fulfilling tasks, withdrawal from friends and family. All of these can lead to depression, pessimistic thoughts and little happiness. It could also lead to anxiety during the summer.

How can you fight this? Well, as I am not a professional psychologist (unfortunately), I can't give you specific help. However, if you are feeling down when autumn or winter come around, go and check what's going on, especially if it isn't the first time.

Overall, this feeling ends. It really does. The world really likes messing with us and this is just another thing it felt like turning around. Don't worry and keep your head up!



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