The Slight Thought


You're in a TAXI. You're in a hurry to get to your destination. The driver is handling the car in a very fast manor. 

Are you afraid?

Did your heart start beating faster while imagining this?

That, is the slight thought of fear / adrenaline, depending on which type of person you are.

We all have subconscious (or not so subconscious) thoughts about things.

For example, I don't like travelling with people who are risk-prone. In fact, doing so terrifies me. I also have an everlasting fear for my loved ones when they leave me. If you're late, you don't speak or are doing something dangerous (even flying by plane), I am most probably worried about you.

I fear for many people, including myself. In fact, I am constantly scared for my life. I am scared of being hurt; both physically and emotionally. I tend to watch out for various stressful situations that could put me in any sort of danger.

However, I also tend to worry too much and no, it isn't always a good thing.

You see, this usually subconscious thought start speaking aloud and I can't hear anything else. It's my birthday and I'm trying to have fun yet all I can hear is that one thing that I'm worrying so much about. Anxiety? Perhaps, but it could also be an insight of my personality.

So I stress myself out and then when the situation comes to a close... it's all okay. Nothing happened. Nobody died. Nobody is hurt. Everything's fine.

Moral is: DON'T WORRY SO MUCH. But then again when do you know how much worrying is the right amount.

Just try and think optimistically into the future, not everything is portrayed by a deep, dark hole.



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