Shitty People Stay Shitty

I have always been searching for soulmates; both in friendships and relationships.

There are certain people who I fell for that I haven't fallen out of love from even after many years and their name still warms my heart.

I have also found friends that completely mortify me, for they are some of the best people I could ever ask to converse with.

However, of course, there are people who I don't necessarily get along so well with.

We all like and dislike things. I see certain perks in people, that almost instantly add a few friendship points to them. So we all end up liking some people more and others less.

I like to think that certain personalities get along with each other better. I for one, know that I, an INFJ, don't get along very well with ESTPs... They tend to like me but I'm not very fond of them. But naturally, personality isn't the only thing that can differentiate, there are many factors.


Oh, sorry. Did you think I was gonna tell you those factors? HAH, nope, not this time.

This is about ACCEPTING DIFFERENCES. Sureee, we'd like everyone to be ideal in our point of view, we would want many things from them but you can't influence change on anyone.

It might also happen that someone that you have to spend time with isn't easy for you to get along with. JUST GO WITH IT. There is always some kind of a way for both of you to talk and not fight each other down.

Bad people are bad people but oh the lovely ones, ah how they turn it all around.



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