Yes. I just vanished into thin air.
Yes. It looks like I am back.

I hate not writing, writing is a part of me every since... forever actually. When I was young I used to write short stories and stories about my life, as well as songs of course. Now, I still do that and thoughts come to my head all the time so not writing is torture to me - it leaves me with all of those thoughts and emotions overflowing in my head and I don't have enough space to store them.

So now, after almost 5 weeks, who am I? Have I changed? What has happened? Well, I can tell you that a lot has happened for sure.

I'm working so much that the lack of sleep is visible both inside and outside of my body.
I'm not expressing myself as much which leads me to more floods as I mentioned earlier.
My room is a constant mess as if to represent my head.
I've been M.I.A. what seems like everywhere, perhaps other than Instagram.
My friends have been incredible.
I've fallen hopelessly in love with someone who I'm afraid to talk to as much as I would like to.
I'm not really taking care of myself.
I've came up with a few things that could burst my content out of proportions.
I'm trying to get into an art school but the only way I can go is if I have a 100% scholarship.
I feel like I'm deceiving myself and others.
I'm openly bisexual... on the Internet.
I've been to Spain and another city in Poland.
I've surprised myself multiple times.

Pretty much.

I also haven't been ill yet, which comes as a surprise. I'm usually ill once a month but now I've actually been relatively healthy (on terms of illnesses).

So what is this going to be? Am I coming back for now and then just leaving again? Hopefully not, although I can't promise for sure. Even right now, today, I am at home because I was panicking too much yesterday about going to school.Who knows really! I hope to be better and to be a better blogger. I won't be gone for so long though - that's one thing I really promise.

As for now, I'm trying to get back to my regular, dull yet creative self. I once again, invite you along.



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