A School Note

School - is a terribly terrifying thing. It looks different in ever place, wherever you may be. It's frightening in so many ways... but it's also a very large part of the beginning of your life. Everybody goes through school differently. Some people take it a little tougher than others. But what's important is that it ends and what I'm about to type on this page, with my wonderful art creators also known as hands, is supposed to remind you of that.

We all go through pain.
We all feel it in many ways, situations and times.
It comes and goes.
For some it stays... for a long time.
Some people associate pain with certain acts, times or places.
Acts - perhaps hurting.
Times - perhaps the war.
Places - perhaps home.
A place where people often feel pain is school, but there's a little thing that I would like to tell you about pain, something you may have forgotten.

It doesn't last.

Pain, like most things in the world, ends.

No matter how big the pain, no matter how stressful the situation - it ends.

A paper has a deadline and then it - ends.
An exam has a date and then it - ends.
A day is a day and then it - ends and it becomes another day.
Whatever it is that is stressing you, it will end.

School ends.

But oh how lucky we are that the good things don't end.

Pain ends, negatives have positives.
No, it's not nonsense.

A paper has a deadline - finishing it in time will help you organise yourself.
An exam has a date - no matter how much you may be dreading it, it will be over once you write it.
A day is a day - I'll let you find the positive in that yourself, for there are oh so many. For me, everyday is a new sky, something that looks different every single day, no matter how similar. The funniest thing is, that's it's the same sky; it's not like water, that is a different water every time you turn the tap, that sky is the same but it still manages to look different with every minute... but I digress.

School - 'what good is there in school?' someone might ask. Well, of course it depends of perspective but there are certain things you might catch to be positive. Things that come to mind?
  • Friendships - some that didn't work out, some that did. You learn things from both.
  • The whole idea or learning - no matter how little attention you may have paid in school, there are certain things that you just will remember.
  • Experience - there are so many people who can't go to school, for so many reasons. You get to learn - some people for free, others pay. But you get that opportunity that many would die for.

No matter what, no matter how bad it may look, there is good in everything and if you forget about that just remember that the pain will end.



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