What I Have Been Thoroughly Enjoying This Month

r e a d i n g :
  1. My Internet biffle Caitlin has a blog and Wattpad account so I have been thoroughly enjoying her beautiful posts and stories. 
  2. In terms of fanfiction (yes, I need to add this) I have been loving "Snapchat//Phan by RICKYBLITZZ", it has a really good storyline and it has kept me up waiting for updates!!
  3. And when it comes to books, something I am most definitely recommending is Marzia Bisognin's "Dream House". It's a very, very good book. The story is a puzzle and I tried to figure out the plot as I read but only managed to on the second to last chapter.

w a t c h i n g :
  1. Something very basic that I have loved for a few years now and will love forever more is PLL ("Pretty Little Liars"). I have to watch it online but it's always the highlight of my Wednesday morning!
  2. I also managed to watch both "Now You See Me" movies and they were instantly added to my top movies ever. I recommend them with all my heart and soul! 

l i s t e n i n g :
2016 has showed me a different side to music that I have never seen before. A couple days ago in fact, I clicked on a Twenty One Pilots' song and... I kinda went on a TOP marathon (I'M NOT ASHAMED). My favourite song that I am singing all the time is "Run And Go".

p l a y i n g :
I have been gaming a little bit! I'm not usually one for games, I'm mostly the person who watches others play (Pewdiepie) but this time I actually decided to play something myself. There are 3 games that I have found / come back to.
  1. Town Of Salem - a detective, mystery game where the aim is to work as a team to find the bad guys and kill them. It's a lot of fun and you have the chance to be different characters!
  2. My Free Farm - a game of my childhood. I used to sit on my computer playing this game all day. It's a lot of fun and deserves more attention.
  3. My Free Farm 2 (the app) - when I found out that they made an app to my once favourite game, I naturally had to download it. Well... I sat on the game for 6 hours straight haha! It's very addicting!!
a c t i v i t i e s :
Since I am practically alone all the time and have all the free time in the world, I had to find something to do. It appears that I'm into drawing again! I am also trying to get into an art school, so drawing is vital for me but I can't believe I forgot how much I actually liked it.

f o o d :
  1. I. NEED. MORE. FRUITS. I don't really know what's wrong with me but when someone buys fruit, it's practically eaten by me in that split second. I might be slightly obsessed. 
  2. I also asked my mum to buy me Lipton Ice Tea and I not-so-accidentally drank 10 bottles in 5 days...
c l o t h i n g :
  1. First off, I bought a hat! It's a black panama hat from H&M and I LOVE IT! I wear it out everywhere... even thought it's constantly sunny and black is the most heat-attractive colour.
  2. I finally have sunglasses! I am very good at breaking my glasses so when I came across these wonderful sunglasses in Primark for 2 or 3 pounds... let's just say I was very chuffed.
  3. Pyjamas... Don't judge me. It's too hot to leave the house so I'm practically living in my ultra comfy PJs hahaha
r a n d o m  t h i n g :
I don't know what it is but I absolutely love amethysts! Light amethyst happens to be one of my birth stones and I am very happy about that!

And that's ratherly all! What have you been loving this month from these categories? Remember it's better to love than to hate :) Be positive!!!



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