The Unknown

I hate it when people try to act smarter than they actually are. It bugs me. A lot. Sometimes people don't realise that there could be more points to the story that they don't see. Sometimes they think they know every point perfectly.
You will never be the smartest person alive. There is always going to be someone more intelligent than you. You can be frequently right, but nobody will ever have the power to know everything, that's Google's job.
I like thinking in 3rd person, seeing things from the outside.
*hello from the outside... sorry*
Generally, I like gathering information on certain facts that I am able to collect. 
After that I go into digressions.
But I know that the only information that is unfailingly correct is that built upon the truth. 

But these people who think they see the world's secrets don't think that way, at least not from what I've seen. They take their thoughts and classify them as verity, no discussion.

And that was only the introduction.


I can't believe Tom. He isn't replying to my texts, calls, nor speaking anything on any social media. He's probably talking to his lovely crush as per usual. I'm his best girl friend, he's my best guy friend. Why is he treating me so poorly? In our last call he told me that his mum is giving him sh** and that apparently our problems are less worth than his own.

I know he doesn't have problems at home, he would've told me. So what could possibly be going on that he wouldn't be able to speak with me, I honestly can't believe him.

And here I pop in. Everyone has problems, even Tom.
This person here is assuming that whatever Tom may or may not be dealing with can wait for the sake of their friendship. They have gone so far to say that they are certain that there are no problems at all and said friend is just trying to get rid of them.


I had a look at Ginger's photos from her holiday today. Her best friend seems to be always on her phone. In every second picture she's just doing something on her phone. She must care about her a lot. She's with her phone in every photo and she's using it in half of them. That's 20 photos as I counted up! They must be having the worst time together.

I'm back again. In the span of a whole day Ginger was taking these photos. Let's say that the friends met at about 10 am. We can see from the photos that they slept over and that the last photo was added at midnight. So that gives us 14 hours that they were together. So these 20 photos were taken and she seems to be using her phone in 10 of them. We also don't know how far away these photos are from each other in time length. Basically, the best friend "constantly being on her phone" could be nothing but a hunch. Unfortunately, this isn't where the scene ends either.

I mentioned to Ginger about her best friend constantly being on her phone.

Why would she do that? Because she feels smarter and wants to show it off. Too bad she's wrong. Opinions are always allowed, even the most negative ones, but they don't always need to be shown. In this scene the girl accuses her friend's best friend of practically ignoring her and prefering her phone. And all of that she got from a couple photos which she didn't even care to analyse. She figured she knew every piece of the puzzle.

Why did I mention the part about the scene not stopping you may ask? Because of the hasty blaming, people get themselves into fights, arguments and other quarrels that wouldn't be needed. And, don't hate me, but I'm going to take it a little bit political and worldwide.

We see many news articles and stories about different things going on in the world. Reporters say what they know, leaving a lot of blank spaces for us to fill in. Depending on the way we fill in the gaps, we end up with various perspectives and opinions. The truth may as well never be known to us but once we get lost in the lies, theories and thoughts we lose track of the facts. Then through the door come the people who think they know everything and they try to force their suggestions onto others. All of these disagreements lead to conflict and what does conflict lead to? Bad things, simply said. Let's appreciate the truth. Especially now in the times of pure sadness and disbelief. The world is a beautiful place, let's not poison it.



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