People And Perfection

I believe that there are many types of perfectionists. I think that they may divide into groups based on certain factors. One of which, that applies to me personally, is the group of people with a "I want to do something in life" personality.

As that kind of person, I tend to add more and more goals to my schedule as time goes by. These goals include actual actions (dance, running...) as well as buying, receiving, finding etc. objects (sunglasses...). And, as if that wasn't tough enough, I also added the "likes changes" quality to my personality.

All in all, adding "I want to do something in life" to "I like changes", I receive a pretty busy person who's constantly trying to improve everything.


This... is not easy to live with.

I can buy glasses that I really love but as soon as someone disapproves of them or does something to make them lose their brightness in my eyes, I want a replacement, I want to show that I can make perfect decisions. I try to up myself.

Naturally, there are perks to this oddness. Firstly, I don't have dreams. My dreams are honestly called reality. They are life plans which I believe in.

I'm also never bored. I'm constantly doing something!

And as much as it can be quite positive, the negatives also let themselves show.

First off, I don't get to finish many things. I'm on an eternal line to start something new.

Secondly, if something is in my eyes perfect, it will be kept to the day I die. This means that my whole room, house, family's houses are all filled with my greatest accomplishments that I would be too devastated to get rid of.

Also, it can get tough. Sometimes I sit and ponder about the world. Then I realise how unhappy I am with never competing things, never achieving that "perfect" point that I want to achieve. People aren't always helping either when they try to push me down to the ground.

It can all be dark.
But my heart and mind will shine.
Don't stress about being perfect. There isn't really such thing. Leonardo Da Vinci probably had problems with his paintings as well as aspects he didn't like too much. But we see things through our own eyes, we all have our own vision of perfect. Remind yourself, that it doesn't have to be so hard. Be honest with yourself, do what makes you happy. Sometimes it's worse being tired yet wealthy and it's worth considering being happy and adequate.



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