Fierce 15

Growing up, I never really thought about being a teenager. That part of life always flew past my mind. Ever since I became 14, I really started thinking about how I was becoming an actual teenager. From the days I started remembering, my sister was a teen. She's 7 years older than me so I really got to see her growing up as a teen. I never quite realised that I'd become one too.

This past year has been... overwhelming?

I know that's an understatement, there just isn't any other way to explain it. I'm finishing school tomorrow and that fills me with determination. My content on YouTube has definitely gone up rapidly. My posts on my blog are much less fluid and I think about what others would like to read more than what I want to write. Nonetheless, I try to fit in my own crappy, lazy posts that I started with at the beginning, into my schedule.

Going back, this year has been a pinnacle of exhaustion. I have never been so tired in my life. I have also found a lot of meaning this year though. It has been a year of fright, stress, good music, ideas, plans. I even discovered who I am (more or less) and I know what I want. I have been disappointed this year, more than any year I presume. People have been tugging me and throwing me and trying to attack my weak sides. I have come to cross with a lot of unfairness that I can't seem to change as much as I try. Many of my friends have very bad habits that they see as positives and don't want to change. I've been swimming in a negative pool... and yet still, I really enjoyed it.

I revealed a lot of my secrets, I met new people, I stood up for myself and showed people that they don't know who I am and that I'm an extremely unpredictable person.

I'm an open book - okay.
But I'm also the author and I can change the words at any moment.

I have taken a heck load of photos. Some of my talents (hobbies) have been recognised, which is nice. I've met people who I can have actual pleasant conversations with about everything and nothing. I also know what I mean. I know my own strength.

This year I'm going stronger. I am at peace with my surroundings and I know what to do. I have a plan for domination haha! I'm going to show off a part of myself not many people have seen before. This is going to be a whole lot of fun. I'm not going to let *people* ruin it.



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