It's funny. I've named a blog post by the same title before. And to be honest, the topic is also the same. The difference lies in the content.

Do you ever feel blocked? You feel like redecorating but nothing quite fits? New things are coming out that you just can't buy? You would like to hang out with someone but the situation isn't good?


It happens to everyone at a certain point in time. The truth is, we get blocked a whole lot more than we see it. But think about this; we also get through without gates many times.

We, as humans, tend to focus on the negatives. We are a race constantly moving forward, trying to better ourselves and our accomplishments. We never stay in the same place. Now, because of this fact itself, we are more likely to realise the barriers in our way than the easy roads. Let me elaborate:
We are used to simple thinking. "I want to lose weight, I'll go on a diet, I'll be thinner." Now as much as that may seem fantastic in our heads, the reality upon it is insecure. For some it could go as simple as planned. For others there could be a barrier, two. For the rest - more. It's uncertain.

The people who get to their goals quickly don't notice their speed. It's only those, who have troubles that perceive this.

That being said, I've concluded the statement that we are more used to seeing negatives. Now we move onto the fact of blockages themselves. I have a couple theories.

Perhaps blockages are made because our lives are too easy?
Maybe we are blocked from many things and our minds are trying to block everything left?
Or we simply can't get something done?

One: If our lives are too easy, then little bumps in the road are fine, nothing to worry about. We'll get through them in time and go back to the basics.
Two: If we feel blocked from everything, take a break. It's never good downing ourselves. Go to your happy place and do what you love, no gates.
Three: Not everything is completable. There are things in the world that we just can't do. Nonetheless, we can try as much as we feel. Just know that there is a limit to everything. Still, try to overcome your blockage.
Don't think of it as a wall, think of it as a door.
You can pass through safely, all you need is the key.


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