Isn't it weird looking back on our lives every once in a while?

I'm guilty of keeping my past much too close to the present. That isn't always bad but for me it got in the way of what I am doing right now. Then again, living in the future makes you miss everything going on right this second. But who cares, pondering and planning is fine, especially for a blog post!

My sister asked me today how I see my future. I answered truthfully that I see myself doing everything creative that I am doing at the moment; music, YouTube, writing, photography... She then asked me what I would do if that wouldn't work out and I told her:

"It can't not work. I've planned it and I'm passionate about it."

She actually told me that she believes in me too.

I know that I can't influence most things that happen in my life, but I honestly can't imagine doing anything other than what I said.

Leaving me, let's talk about other people. I happened to be discussing future plans with some people today. One person told me some time ago that after school she wants to go to law school and then accidentally admitted to not wanting to go to law. She wants to be in the fashion industry but obviously the whole world tried to degrade her dream.
NEVER degrade other people's or your own dreams.
I learnt to not care about whatever people say regarding my dreams. The whole point of life is to do what you love not just 'get on with life'. DO WHAT YOU LOVE PEOPLE! Don't wait for God knows what. Do what you dream about.



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