A Story Of My Life

This is a story, if you haven't yet figured that out. A little story about someone's life. Who's? The narrator's, of course. But then again the person playing the narrator is a secret. I as the author don't have to be the storyteller...


It's funny how perspective can change.

In one moment you can hate someone and in the next you love them.

Self love? I've heard of that. I've been trying to incorporate as much of that into my life lately as I can. You see, I hate when people try to knowingly down themselves. I am a happy person and I try to believe that the world around me is like that too.

So yes, in a certain way fishing for compliments is okay. Naturally, it depends why you are doing so. If you are a stuck up, selfish person I reckon you leave me out of your fishing. On the other hand, if you need a little bit of happiness and sureness, I am here and I'll help you with what you need.

And that brings my thoughts out further, how is it that nobody can trust anyone anymore? The people we used to label as friends are so precious that we try expressively hard not to lose them. It's as if we're avoiding the only people who can save us, because we feel like there can be a day when we'll need them more and we don't want to lose them before that. Do we have to avoid them?

Same goes with people we love. We love them so we let them go. We don't want them to be unhappy near us or unhappy at all really. We let them go so we can only see them at various times, we don't have to constantly see everything.

Why can't we do what we actually want to do?

People tell me, that either I have to spend my life in a box until I'm 18 and then figure out my life or that they'll do that themselves. We are not animals to be kept in boxes neither are we stupid and so incredibly irrational to be locked up till we're legal.

And who cares about mistakes? They just make better stories really.
So that's my confusion surrounding today. To be honest there's even more than that.
Why can't people be the sexuality they want to be?
Why can't they believe in what the believe?
Why can't they do what makes them utterly happy?

So many questions yet who gives the answers?
Or do we actually have to answer our own questions?
That's one I'll leave for the readers to figure out.

I have my own theory on life and my own little world too. My personal question is: what's yours?



Hello again, author here. Hope you liked this little thing. I don't want to spoil this by writing to much as the author... bye.



  1. very well written! I enjoyed reading it!!

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you liked it :)

  2. A very well written piece. I think that sometimes, we have to sacrifice our own happiness, to make the people we love happy. But on the sexuality and beliefs side, people should be allowed to love who they want and believe what they want. Your post is very thought provoking and will no doubt initiate some very interesting conversations.

    1. I agree with you 100%! Thank you for the kind words, it means a lot



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