Some People Are Just

Not cool. Not cool at all.

I love having a good bond with people but because I myself am quite straight forward (in new friendships) I have had problems with talking to bossy people. "Bossy" as in people who like to have everything their way.

If I make a plan with someone, I want to stick with it. That's the point of a plan.
People who procrastinate 99% of the time annoy me, that's a fact.
Human beings that don't understand that certain acts irritate me, don't have a chance.

I'm a simple human with very complicated rules.

I have a "NO" list that you just can't break if you want to be relevant in my life. It's not my fault, it was sort of an automatic way my brain thought would be fantastic at eliminating bad people. And as much as it can work, it also makes me see a lot of negative parts of people.

If the world were up to me, I would make sure that everyone was happy and healthy, friendly and so on. Unfortunately, I don't rule the world.



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