Rain, Rain. Don't Go Away

I absolutely adore rain.

I often fight with myself when I think about if it has always been that way. I don't remember much anymore. I have liked rain ever since I moved to Poland, that's all I know. The reasons behind that? I guess I have a few:
  • the memories of England
  • the feeling of home - they mix with England a lot, but still
  • the inspiration and word art that reveals itself - I always end up thinking why is it raining? Is there special meaning behind it? Are the gods crying? Maybe they're just sweating from playing bowling because they're obviously playing bowling when you hear thunder. Ooh, lightning - must be a strike!
  • the times of utter sadness and happiness, both at once
  • cleanse and cleaning mixed with a little bit of freedom
  • the fact that every rain drop is so similar but so different at the same time
  • the things that rain does - helps plants, cleans...
  • the fact that it's water from heaven
  • and so many more.
My life wouldn't make much sense without rain, water of the gods.

I am that cliché person who likes the idea of walking in the rain, spinning in it, singing, dancing, thinking, skipping, doing everything and anything in it. It's not only the rain, it's even the connection to water.

Rain, rain. Don't go away. But when you do, please come back another day.



  1. Yes! Rainy days are so beautiful. Water is life. Not to mention all the beautiful flower that sprout after the showers.


    1. Of course! How could I possibly forget about the flowers? Thank you for your comment xx

      PS. My best friends has the same name as you, it's a lovely name too




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