People Have A Healing Power

I have been very lost for the past... time. I couldn't put a date on it even if I tried. I've also magically started reading a lot more; fanfiction (don't judge me, some are written really nicely), blogs (, and quotes from the Internet (mostly Tumblr). Sometimes life is a really lonely place and it's nice reading that people can feel the same way.

People tend to generalise the teen years as a time in which you can only know people from your school. I feel like I know a big part of my school already and there aren't many people who I can actually speak to about everything and nothing. And I'm locked at school anyway, I figured that I have to just survive without being fully myself. Then I remembered about the magical power of the Internet and I started reading.
Speech isn't the only way of communication.
And that way I found so many magical people who let me think about good things. I'm in communities which I love ever so much. I share my interests and am inspired by others and it feels so nice. I find new things that I may have not liked or not known of before but like now. Change is beautiful and this change is certainly one of my favourites.

As many may know, I like reading a lot but if a books bores me 10 pages in or I don't feel like reading it at all, I won't read it. This has happened to a couple books that I have received, they just bored me. As much as I tried to push myself through them because I liked the writer, they were boring. The words didn't connect to each other or to me in that fact. Like they were made in a couple seconds or, as you say in Polish, like buttery butter (the same thing written over and over, changing the words ever so slightly). I like feeling in books, I like that kind of connection. And these smaller books on Wattpad or people's blogs for that matter have a less professional feeling and more of that nice, honest signal. That's what has been taking my time lately.

Now that I haven't been writing posts everyday it has also changed me in many ways. Look, it's been a whole week since I tried writing a full length post. I felt so odd when I started. It has been a whole year of me writing everyday. My inspiration didn't stop, it was just all over the place.

Another type of words that I have been 'feeling' lately are from people around me. Yes, I'm being a little bit of a hypocrite now but I'm not talking about conversations with people, just random things they say. People around me tend to just think of something and blurt it out thinking nobody will care, but I always hear it. My 8 year old neighbour said "A PEN BELONGS TO ITS HOLDER" and I found that so inspiring so I wrote it down and these situations happen everywhere. Sometimes, something will happen and words will form in my head. So in a way I inspire myself too, how convenient hehe.

Panic! At The Disco is blazing through my ears right now and it's stunning. It makes me feel. And there we go again, more words that I connect with. The three artists that I have been extremely thinking about are P!ATD, Twenty One Pilots and Troye Sivan. I have a knack for finding good lyrics and theirs are stunning. Okay, I feel like I'm going to fall into the buttery butter hole in a minute. Nonetheless, people and their words, oh my. Thank you for bringing me out of my odd little hole.



  1. Great post today gabby! And thanks for the cheeky little shoutout ;)
    I'm glad that you've started reading, unfortunately I don't have time to do that as often as I would like to. I really relate to how you feel when you read. When I read it's just a better place than reality (I would much rather be on some kind of adventure than sat in a physics lesson!) I hope you're not feeling lonely anymore (because I know all too well how that feels) and just remember to always be yourself. Don't ever loose sight of who you are :)

    1. Haha, thanks Caitlin! Your blog is definitely worth the shoutout!!
      I love seeing people who can relate to what I write and to me. And I do feel much better as well, thanks :* I hope you receive some free time in some way and get through physics hehe ♡



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