I'm Taking Up Running... Again!

Hey running, did you miss me?

Oh my, I'm having so many flashbacks!

If you remember or read some of my very early blog posts then you would know that I used to run quite a lot. I had a lot of pressure on me which made me think that I need to look a certain way and all of those but after a while I just generally liked running. Unfortunately, there were always more important things than running and I naturally didn't like tiring myself all of the time.

Today, we went outside for P.E. for the first time this year. I knew we were going to go running but I didn't know how long for and everything. When we got there, the teacher told us we'd be running 600 metres. I wasn't too sure if I was happy or not. You see, I have problems with breathing, especially while doing something physical, so I wasn't sure how it would go.

Nonetheless, I ran 2 track lengths (without collapsing half way through or passing) and finished with a good time (for me). I am totally aware that I wasn't at my fastest but I am faster than a year ago. This year I finished with a satisfying time of 2 minutes 46 seconds. The best time in the group was 2 minutes 21 seconds so I was quite far off. To be honest, I have always wanted to run more so I'm going to try to start hopping outside to run! I don't know how it'll look but I'll update you when I go running. I might go tomorrow because it looks like I have time. Eek, can't wait!

My first little plan is to get 2 minutes 30 seconds for 600 metres. Good luck Gabby!



  1. Hi Gabby! You can run faster than me! I'm not a sporty person at all and I get tired really easily. I have also nominated you for a Liebster award!

    1. Hi Caitlin! I saw the post haha, I'm just going to post it now! It's all about the physical health (I'm pretty slow anyway hehe)!



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