I never understood my family a lot and my family never understood me either. By family I mean the parts that I spend the holidays with, not necessarily my mum (or sister in some ways). But still, when it comes to modern things, ESPECIALLY the internet and internet related subjects, the lack of understanding really lets itself show.

Other people who didn't and don't understand me are people at school, other than 99% girl, of course. I also hated working in groups, probably for the same reason - lack of understanding.

This basically made me hate everything and everyone. I had a pinned thought in my head that wherever I'd go I wouldn't be understood.

But then I met YouTube.

To be even more elaborate, I met fandoms.

And to be utterly detailed, I met The Phandom.

That's where I joined a community, something I hadn't done before. People there understood me, the jokes I said and I understood their jokes and was able to laugh at them too. To be honest, I couldn't be happier with the new bands and music acts in general that I have found because of them and all of the inspiration, words, quotes and everything. It wasn't just The Phandom, don't worry. There are a couple more fandoms I am a 100% supporter of and ugh, I do love the groups ever so much.

Thank you for giving me a chance at it, for letting me see beyond what I have before me. Thank you for now, for then and forever, thank you dearly.
Love, GABBY 



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