A Story About Extroverted Introverts

I'm an introvert who doesn't like being alone.
That's just one of the things that Olivia has told herself.

She loves being out there, social, pleasant with other people... but she doesn't trust anyone. So how exactly does a person with zero trust befriend anyone?

That's a problem. And Olivia knows it herself.

People think she just likes being alone when in reality there's nothing she despises more. Being with others is paradise for her. Joining communities, groups, etcetera. She loves it. But how is she supposed to do such things when the world has broken her social skills?

The reason of the breakage? Long story. Let's just leave it at the fact that some people weren't real to her and others, that she trusted, betrayed her remorselessly. After that she just couldn't pick herself up again.

After that she accompanied a new life tactic - keep all of your greatest friends as close as possible. Naturally, she had to befriend the popular people witch meant that she had to share them. And that was hard for Olivia. How was somebody supposed to share the very minimum amount of people, whom she trusted? And because of that she would be alone. And it was a cycle just like that.


Close friends

They leave to socialize


Of course, Olivia could go out to other people but due to her lack of dependence it was quite absurd. So that just left her with herself... and her imagination.

But not minding the act of getting along with the loneliness, the fact that people misinterpret her is much worse. People generally think she likes spending all of her days alone. It's just unfortunate.



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