"Teen Stage"

I swear to God that I'll punch the next person who says that I have "hormone problems", I'm "in the teen stage" or that they "were just like me when they were my age". I am literally throwing out the swear words from the paper into my head, just so I don't have to leave them for you to read.

No, I don't believe in such bs that I'm suddenly such a different person or whatnot, I feel like because everyone thinks I am, they're treating me differently. Everyone on Earth would like to be treated a certain way, why can't people understand that?

For me, is it so extremely weird that I have enough stress and I don't want home stress? I don't want to have someone literally standing over me when I say that I'll do something in a minute? Well obviously you have time to stand over me, not like me. I'm rushing with everything because I have a lot of things to do to make your 'arse' happy. And that YT video I was watching earlier and laughing about? IT WAS THE ONLY EXIT OUT OF ALL OF MY FUCKING PROBLEMS!

Thank you and I'm terribly sorry. Some times I wonder if I'm not leading myself into a psychiatric hospital with all of this stress. Do people not understand that if they're working, I'll leave them be and I might enjoy that peace too? Oh my, people!

Enjoy doing everything alone in the future, because I surely won't be near to help.
PS. this sounds like it's dedicated to one person in some parts. Trust me, it's not. Even the #GISDOM at the end there is for everyone who does this to me.
I just don't want to have it haunting me that I'm tormenting someone in particular or anything.
Truth is, I'm so weak that I'll help anyone in need of it, no matter the promises I make to leave them be.
So that was just a clear up but seriously, treat me a bit more normal, people.



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