Private Singing Career

Well, this isn't 100% positive info haha!

People very, literally very rarely tell me that I have a nice voice. Nonetheless, they're usually the people I sing in front of (and yeah, there's only a few of them).

Lately, I made a joke to my best friend saying that I was thinking about starting a private yt account with me singing stuff to which she surprising replied, "YOU TOTALLY SHOULD!".

You can imagine my disbelief. It's quite normal for me not to believe in myself and all that, so when my best friend literally started pumping me up, I was quite dazzled.

Now, when it comes to if I'll do so, not very certain. To be honest, I won't tell you if I do, this is just me having a little bit of a lol about the whole situation. I made a joke and it looks like it came out for the best. If this will happen, I doubt it honestly. Ayyy, what does it even matter? It's just funny, that's all.



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