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Yes... I am in the PLL army. I started watching the show around a year ago, just over a year I think. My sister has watched it ever since and then I started hearing more and more about it and... I just got sucked in! Other than PLL, I also watch NCIS: LA and a Polish show called (translated) For The Good And For The Bad.

When it comes to PLL, the first thing that brought me to consider watching it was the gigantic amount of theories. I figured that if such a massive group of people wanted to put in their time to create such elaborate videos, the show must be worth watching. And so it started! Many hours of A videos, countless theories, discussions with my sister. I would even go to some of my friends who had no clue about the show just to tell them about it and get it off my chest.

Basically, I love this show and to be honest, I don't care about all the haters saying negative things about the show and writers. I love this show a lot, okay?!



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