New Music Obsession

I really like listening to new, not ABSOLUTELY FAMOUS creators, they have such a different vibe to them. Now don't kill me, but I often say that it's their music which is the real music, not what's in the charts or on the radio. The unknown talent.

Currently listening to a song by Medi ft. Mirror Signal called 'Hold On'. I'll just give them a little promo haha!

This whole 'new song' thing came from me searching for non-copyrighted music for my channel. It's honestly so hard to find the music that I'm looking for, gah! I think I need to download Soundcloud, it's seems that a lot of new artists are there.

Well then, I still need to find some music and it's not going to quick at the moment. It's going to be a looong night.

Also, I forgot to mention earlier in the week but I went to my psychologist! We're going to have sessions approximately every Wednesday, so that'll be good. Nothing else really to fill y'all up on. I'm still ill, after what feels like years. A new video will come up this Sunday, sorry for the delay 


That's for me being a poo. Love y'all a lot xx



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