I've always been a fan (phan...) for everything dark and mysterious and I believe it may have started in the very early days of me watching Scooby Doo. Learning about the mysteries always led me to think about how there could be more information behind everything I see. Naturally, the show also told me that mysteries are to be solved which isn't always possible in real life.

Nonetheless, whenever somebody tells me about someone of something mysterious, I can always feel my eyes suddenly opening so much wider and my attention spiking to hear more. Even today I found a new blog (that I'm going to shamelessly promote in a second), where the girl said that she wouldn't reveal her identity for mysterious sakes. GAH! I already love her.

To be honest, I sometimes contemplate starting something anonymously and I dream about Sia-like visits, where I'm drowning in some kind of material, under which you won't be able to see what I look like. That sounds quite fascinating really. The best part about it would probably be the anonymity. No so-called friends bugging you about the quality of your creations, nothing like that. Can't you imagine?

She dreamt of mysteries so much that she became one.



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