Being exhausted is one thing but being absolutely dead is another.

You see, I was supposed to edit my html because I have a new one and there's a lot of changes to make but of course, my little self doesn't feel that I should do that because I have been  up for basically 20 hours and I have never done as much studying and work (physical and emotional) in a week in my whole life.

I am just overly tired, if I can even say such. I have three tests tomorrow and I haven't gone further as opening the books. Oh goodness...

Seriously though, I can't even be bothered to upload a photo to Instagram - that's how bad it is!

I'm just planning my way through the rest of this day. I'm going to try to study for history, take a shower, check English, maaaybe have a look at chemistry and just flop to bed. Sounds promising. I can't wait to watch PLL tomorrow though, that's one of the little things that is keeping me some what alive!

Well, I guess I should get going...



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