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You see, I'm not usually the one to be an extrovert and talk to people I don't know, but for the first time in what feels like forever I have done exactly that.

I'm usually the person who works alone, away from everyone else, in her own little corner. Something that happened recently that I'm pretty sure that I forgot to mention is that I'm in the school's journalist group! To be honest, I've always wanted to be in a writing club or in a position where I could do some kind of writing, so this was just fantastic! Obviously, the lack of idealism in my Polish is a big problem but perhaps someone will correct my texts after me so my work can be shared!

Nonetheless, the school blog is just getting started so me and the journalists are working together making it the best school blog possible! I'm very excited! It's also really nice working with other people who I have something in common with. I always wanted to know what that felt like and trust me, it feels as great as you could imagine. I'm so happy to be surrounded by aspiring writers.

In other blogging news, I have been promoting myself lately. I never actually did this before. Only recently I started sharing the news about my blog. Today (with the idea of my friend from the journalists comity) I joined many 'blogger promotion' groups on facebook, where bloggers promote each other! I never knew where people, readers, come from. I thought that if I'd be writing for a couple straight years, that people would magically notice me when in fact you need to put a bit of yourself into it too. Basically haha!

The feeling of friendship with people whom you share interests with is wonderful.


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