I Sing A Little

I don't like going on and on about how I sing, I just sing. Alone, by myself. Music has always been close to my heart, I just don't talk about it all of the time.

When people ask me to sing I usually do some kind of really stupid voice and sing like an idiot. I don't like putting myself out there when it comes to singing. All that matters to me is that I like it and it makes me feel free, perhaps that's the reason I don't publicize it.

I feel like if I did so, people would start hating and stop making it a good thing for me, that's what almost happened with my YouTube. People started hating on me and it was tough, even if they were little comments. I don't think people understand how hard it is. Ugh.

It's not just singing I do though, I also write. I have been for so many years now, ever since I can remember. My song books keep all of my secrets, I've never let anyone see them. I don't think people know just how private they are and how privileged people should feel if I hand a song to them. My lyrics have meaning, they don't come from thin air, they have a story and if people don't have a heart to accept and invite them, they can't meet them.

Yes, I talk about my lyrics very personally because they are exactly that. Nonetheless, I've never actually finished a song... I was close once, I had 2 verses and a chorus. I never got to the 'rap' part, haha! Also, this song was written when I was about 8, oops. And from that moment I have never written a full song. I did some really bad lyrics in Polish to "One way or another" that was called (translated) "One way, orangeade". It was a major hit you know, hahaha!

It's not like I don't write lyrics, I just haven't had time to sit down and actually write a song with the music and words. There hasn't been a full set of lyrics in literally years! Oh jeez. It's in my diary though, to sit down one day and forget about time chasing me, just write a song.
Oh, for the days to come,
When we'll be on our own.
Where we'll sing our songs,
And not worry for time gone home.
One day... Oh, one day.



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