Somewhere I'm usually not.
Notes from my geography notebook.

Funny. Around this time two or three years ago I was sitting in this very spot I am now. Same reason, time and everything too. Okay, so it's quite obvious where I am by the title. Don't worry, nothing is wrong. I don't think so anyway.

Sitting here has got me thinking about everyone around. This is a usual when it comes to places I don't visit often and such. I've also had my phone taken away from me (not for punishment, I'm a super good kid as per usual) so I clearly can't open a sudoku on it, all I can is think.

So, thinking. What are all of their stories? Now, don't mind me for people watching, but...

There's an elderly woman in front of me. She's sitting with two men, who I would assume to be her husband and son. For the last hour or so, the son has been holding and handing her a drink. The woman has very shaky hands. Question is: what's wrong? Is there anything in particular going on? Hmm.

Another thing I can do is watch around for people's style, attitude and all similar. Someone older with a leopard print coat and black army boots has walked in. This woman is grown age and her coat looks like the cut Queen Elizabeth has! Not to mention she walks like her too.

Just heard that someone was born in February 1951. Happy birthday some time ago!

The man with a bad cough, that I asked for the time at the beginning of my writing, is now eating a really horribly smelling kebab along with his wife. Just to clarify, he and his wife are eating kebabs, he's not eating a kebab and his wife. Gabby, you're writing is truly fabulous. Good thing that the man was really kind or I would be throwing bad words out on this paper! Okay, I'm sorry but ONE OF MY PET PEEVES ARE LOUD EATERS! I cry...


Update, the woman who brought them their food has now delivered them some plastic forks, thank God.

More fashion; dear, that's a lovely pink nightgown you have. You look wonderful. Don't worry, I trust you'll be fine. Oh! Did I mention that the lady with a pink leopard coat also had a matching leopard print hat? Oh, well... haha! She walks like a Queen and dresses like a mix of her and Lady Gaga. Why not? Fashion these days...

The food STINKS, oh my God!

I just wrote the letter "G" so nicely that I signed my signature on this page just to see what it would look like with a different G. I also had to take a break to crack my neck. I've been here for what feels like hours! To be honest, it has been hours. Definitely an hour bit I'm not sure for exactly how long.

They're complementing the food.

Oh Goodness! The man has the most amazing ring-tone, haha! It's a mix of a banjo, trumpet, harmonica and some sort of bell! He's here for someone with big problems. Don't worry, friend.

Still here.

I have just came back from the shop. I love Cracow in the afternoons because it's at its most beautiful and mystical time! The skies are bluey pink, airplanes leaving chemical clouds (that sounds gorgeous) behind them, lights in buildings, everything is free to see. I looked at so many things and swam for details. I would've taken so many photos IF I HAD MY BLOODY PHONE!

Nonetheless, I hopped to a bakery to buy some bagels and treats. One of my ABSOLUTE favourite bakeries is - LAJKONIK. Seriously! Ever since one tournament day, where I was almost late and I went there for last minute food, I fell in love! Amazing stuff!

Any hoo, I have also eaten my cream cheese with radish bagel by now. VERY good, as always.


I've got my phone back now, luckily. Naturally, I also had a panic attack in these last two hours which was just fantastic but luckily Natalie is a helpful little person and she helped me out of it with some stupid jokes, haha. I love her x

It was actually a really good day up to this. I'm so tired. Four hours of damn waiting. I was also _ _ _ _ _ _ _ my _ _ _ _ (secrets) for awhile. I'm falling asleep with every second.

I did beg my mum for a cappuccino and succeed, that's what's keeping me sort of alive right now. Ugh, I'm exhausted. GMOOH (Get Me Out Of Here).


Five hours, hello. I'm so bloody tired that I'm not even inspired. Oh Jeez.

In a different topic, do y'all like flirting? I actually really like being tickled or in a tight space with somebody who is pulling me in closer... haha. It makes me giggle because it's so weird and cheesy. That's just awkward little me, I guess. Still, it doesn't change the fact that it makes me feel confident, thank you.

Kebab guy left an hour ago. Shaking hands lady left two. Only two people other that us have been here for so long.

I came back at 22 o'clock. Night.



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