Honey, Food Is To Be Eaten

Oh jeez... I enjoy having a lol on people's stupid arguments. I understand that some people can see things differently and get annoyed about certain situations, but seeeeriously?

Imagine you're at home and you casually make yourself something you like to eat. You end up finishing some product, too bad, that's food. You eat -> less food -> no food.

Looks like some people don't understand that.

I just had someone scream at me like I killed their pet about 'eating all of the frozen fruit'. Um.... what? Hold on, let me show y'all the situation...

I am casually on my laptop, checking out Tumblr (duh) when I hear my sister opening and closing the fridge downstairs.
I know what's about to happen and I'm ready for it. I answer with a simple "Yeah?"
I hear silence, so nothing. Footsteps are sounding on the stairs, loudly coming my way. There's also the sound of crying. I would react if this wasn't the first time this stupid argument came up. I pulled up my blog getting ready to write since I knew that the person would storm into my room any second...
She was full on crying, for eating her food. I tried to calm her down, explaining how it's everyone's food and how food is their to be eaten. No, she was exaggerating about how she didn't have anything to eat now and how she's going to starve. Honey trust me, you're not going to starve. She kept going on and on before fully storming out of my room in a fit, me giggling hysterically. Frozen fruit are not the only food in the house, you know. There's a lot more out there. Uh, people...

So basically... She also just called me down in an absolute fit because the TV was broken and she doesn't know how to fix it hahaha! Excuse me if I sound like a horrible person but please. If you actually need to start an argument then at least make it about something important. I hate fighting and what you're doing just doesn't make sense! Ah... well then. Oh my word, I just can't believe the stupidity that happens sometimes. I'm off before I start making some terrible jokes that I'm going to regret afterwards hahaha!



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