Back To When I Was Happier

I have literally been moaning about my life for the past month, mostly because of the lack of my own YouTube videos. Yes, yes, #comeback time!

I don't know what's wrong with me sometimes. Ooh, and do excuse my unintentional depressive speech at some moments, I have been battling a headache for the last week or two. Anyhow, my room is a constant mess, my YouTube hasn't seen new content for a whole month and even my friends have realised it! And that situation REALLY doesn't happen a lot. I think my friend pointing out my absence and a lovely little person (thank you!) commenting on my videos really helped me get back into the mood of filming.

Unfortunately, it's not just the mood that you need.

You see, I was supposed to film today. SUPPOSED TO. So of course, having everything my way as always, we went to the shop in the morning. Great! I missed around 5 hours of sunlight because of it. AND, because it wasn't in my plan and I clearly didn't want to go, I received a headache. FANTASTIC! So I came home at 2pm with a bloody headache with which I had to tidy up the kitchen and whatnot, so at 3pm I just didn't really feel like it. Besides, when I'm in a bad mood bad thoughts starts reversing back to my head. For instance that unfair situation from a month ago? Ooh yeah, that was horrible. How about you nag about it now? Mhm, good idea!

Oh jeez, never mind. I'm gonna be back soon with a new post after I get back into a normal mood!



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