Some things never go away it seems. It was a bad day from the beginning, to be honest. One happy moment from the day that I can recall is my Internet buddy writing back to me. Literally only that. Even now I'm writing this post on my phone because my mum screamed at me to leave my laptop.

Going to the title though. As I said, it was a pretty crap day and I'm also going back to school tomorrow for the first time in two weeks, after my illness. Nonetheless, I obviously didn't do any work for the whole time and now I had to magically do everything in such a small amount of time, but that's on me. So now feeling extra jiggy I'm finishing all of my work and everything. I suddenly find myself thinking about the whole school stress situation in third person and I'm watching. What I see is that I'm crying about it, absolutely terrified. The watcher is shaking, trembling in fact. Both Gabbies lose their breath and start panicking. I run upstairs before I imagine any more. I'm absolutely freaked. Having this feeling back for the first time in a long time really isn't nice.

To be honest, a little break from home will be nice. Besides, the whole situation inspire 4 verses of a song!

THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME WRITE. You won't get anything from the hate you've sent. One day, I'll be a millionaire. 
Love, GABBY  


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