A Story Of Lone & Love

I walked the lane that I was told to walk. Who said such a thing? I couldn't remember at this moment because somebody else took over all of the capacity in my head. Some girl, stunning brown hair.

Now, it isn't bad for a boy like me to be looking around? To be honest, I wasn't even doing that. She was just walking with her ankle boots and leather jacket, black jeans and white tee. I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't looking up.

My word was she beautiful, and that was before I looked at anything other that her hair. I gazed upwards and caught contact with her eyes. Now that's a true stunner. Unfortunately, she didn't give me such a dazzle with her mouth - she looked so incredibly sad. I couldn't take the look, I switched to her hands... now what was that?

She had something written on her left hand, she most probably wrote it with her right hand then. I couldn't make it out.

L - O - something - E

The first thing that came to mind was love. The fishing in my thoughts wasn't actually so discreet as I thought since I was saying all of the letters out loud. The girl soon realised, because how could she not, and walked up to me like to anyone.

"It's L - O - N - E. Lone, not love unfortunately" the beauty spoke shyly. That's preposterous, she couldn't have been shy if she walked up to me like that. Oh word, now what was I supposed to say. I scattered my mind for a line, word, anything.

"Why?" It seemed it was a question that popped out. "Why lone, not love? Isn't love so much lovelier, like yourself?"

She gave a confused glance as well as a small smile. "Because depending on what people see it'll give some information about them. It's usually recognisable by a single smile or eye movement, you know, their thought."

"What would you use it for?

"It's not about use, it's about understanding. If you can, you can. If I happen to meet someone in the process, that's also a plus."

We talked for longer about the situation. We exchanged numbers and I asked her to write hers on my hand. Just as she wrote the last number I snatched the pen from her, gently took her arm and corrected the 'N' to a 'V'.

"Now that looks much better" I joked.

"I hope it came from within" she answered, a little worried.

"Stop worrying so much" I called grabbing her hand tightly. "It did."

It was so unreal, a girl I just met having such a marvellous mind and heart. And I even fixed it in such a short time, just a little use of a marker.

And it all came from within.



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