2 Hours Of Sleep

I am terrible at taking care of myself.

Don't ask me how I'm even alive after just 2 hours of sleep. Barely two hours to be honest... I don't even have a brain right now, it's just stress telling me to hurry up and finish what I need to finish.

Why can't I take care of myself? Why can't I be good for myself? So many bloody 'why' questions, this is why I have existential crises. UGH. To be honest, I would do so many things just to be over stress. School stress especially.

I don't sleep, I can't eat, I do whatever I may need to be on top but I still am not.
Story of my life.
I'm in such a horrible mood, jeez. I would like to do so many things. What's stopping me? What is this invisible, unnameable thing in front of me that is blocking me from all I want?!

Okay, I can't write. I just want to keep you posted about how I'm in a sh*t mood. Sorry. I love you.



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