YouTube Anniversary / In 5 Years...


Wow. It all happened 1 year ago... It's so crazy to be thinking all of this. 5 years ago I moved to Poland, 4 years later I figured I would finally start the YT channel I had been 'preparing' for the last 4 years! Absolute madness.

It all made me wonder about just everything. How these 5 years haven't been the greatest... Oh who am I kidding, they were the worst. Part of it was probably created from the pressure I keep giving myself to make the most of it, but I just don't want to look back on my life thinking Oh, this year was crap and to think of it so were those two and those oh and those... Thinking about it now, I also don't want to look back thinking about how miserable I was through my whole teenager experience.

This last year has most probably been the hardest part of my life so far but also the most rewarding. I feel like I got to know myself much more then I used to. I didn't do photography a year ago, I barely ever drew, I wasn't as obsessed with YouTube haha, I didn't know what I dreamt of... To be honest, there are a couple more things that are heading up to their 1 year anniversary that I can't tell you about yet.
I wish to someday show y'all a massive, creative part of me, to bring people to tears. To change some lives.
That's what I cannot wait for. The time I can be 90% into my 'work' as I extremely like calling it. Doing the things I do really takes out the work and replaces it with werk. And 90% because I love it but don't want to forget about the other important and loved things in life. Amazing, truly.

In 1 Year...

In a year, on the first of February 2017 (oh my gosh):
  1. I would like to be very happy with my YouTube, Tumblr and blog (LLL) no matter the numbers,
  2. The Nikon D5200 would also be quite nice...
  3. Having a real life, touchable photo album would be fantastic,
  4. Being a bit more chill would also be great :),
  5. Most importantly, I would love to keep doing what I do in a bigger percentage. More and more creativity, ideas, projects. To never stop doing what I do and wake up that day to the fulfilled feeling or my personal creativity bubble. Be happy.
I'll be 15 then oh wow! Kinda impossible hahaha! That's one year though...

In 5 Years... 

In 5 years, on the first of February 2021... jeez that feels like years (that was the worst pun I am terribly sorry, but I am also crafting - phandom - so I guess...):
  1. All the things above, for starters.
  2. I would like to have a few projects completed including: _ _ _ _ _, charity help, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (_ _), photography, artwork, _ _ _ _ _ (art in a way - writing this so I don't forget what the hell I'm talking about haha)
  3. Organising my room is quite important,
  4. If I haven't visited vidcon yet, future Gabby, please take me quick!
  5. Continue sharing the love and happiness to the world as much as I can. I may only be 14 (and a half) but I really care, I always have and I hope to never stop! Passion is lovely and my werk is my passion. Oh gosh, I love my life in a really weird, awesome way. I hope I can make as many people see it too.
Wow, I feel so incredibly positive. Okay, I need to do things that I planned earlier. Do what you feel and go watch Concon's new video (Connor Franta), my brain buddy.



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