I stayed home from belly troubles today! Made me realise how much of a mess I am though...

Basically, I love maths. I really enjoy all things logical! Unfortunately, I haven't been doing the best lately. The numbers don't add up, the end result is wrong and I don't know why!

Oi Gabby, are you just going to talk about maths? No, I'm actually not.

This mathematical problem made me think a little deeper (something I should never do). I started asking myself why, how, who, what, when, where and all the others. I didn't really get to anything. Then I asked myself: What if there's something wrong with me?

And I stumbled down the rabbit hole again.

I have some kind of talent when it comes to blaming everything possible on me. The Earth is polluted! - me, people make mistakes! - me, Sara broke her foot! - me, me, MEEEEE!

How did I get hold of such a characteristic? I am now asking myself the question Is it better to worry about everything or nothing? Probably one of the worst questions in the world. Worrying about everything makes you the most stressful person ever, and worrying about nothing at all is... unimaginable for me. A person like that wouldn't know a thing! The value of everything in life wouldn't be real for them. It's just impossible and selfish, mostly impossible!

So yes, can I count this as an existential crisis? I mean... It's really hard going through so many little problems and turning them into catastrophes! What am I trying to prove, that I'm the busiest, most caring person in the world? Oh Gabby, take care of yourself not your weird outside problems.

Now, I better get off to understanding maths! YOU. CAN. DO IT!



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