What I Love In People

Today, I went to the theatre, got rick rolled while watching the play and also realised a little something something...

To me, the most attractive non-physical attribute of a human is their speech, thoughts, what they say when they talk. I found that talking to one and the same person really downs me, for I get used to the person, their way of speaking and I love keeping in fresh! Today, for example, after the play I spent two hours talking to two of my male classmates. We talked about everything and nothing and it was just great! No stress whatsoever, totally casual and lovely!

Speech is such an incredible thing we have. Imagine what we would do if we didn't have speech, communication, writing. These things have all combined throughout the week, while I was discovering them. Shout-out to my art teacher who elaborated about the writing part.

I find it so interesting to find out about others, their interests, passions, discoveries, hobbies, loves, stories. It is all so mesmerizing. We all go through so many different things! Talking is a beautiful way of learning.

I will eternally love the moment when the person you are talking to turns the 'say your thoughts' switch to 'ON' and starts speaking for their mind. It's such an angelic moment.

Thanks again to my two friends I stayed to talk with so long, I had a blast and can't wait to be talking more with you both soon!



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