The Advocate

I highly enjoy anything to do with logic, creativity and psychology. I especially enjoy all types of tests. So adding the two together it appears I like psychology tests!

Around half a year ago I took a personality test. I don't know how I stumbled upon it but I did and I got the results and everything and I was "the Advocate". If you want to find out what that means you can search 16 personalities advocate in Google and it will come up.

I remembered about it now and decided to retake the test. I got the Advocate again! I didn't really know what I was expecting. I thought that maybe my personality changed and I would be a different personality. You can check my personality out here:

Naturally, you shouldn't take these tests too seriously. They are more psychological than most things on Buzzfeed (no offence, love your work) but still, they're just more random, Internet tests.

It was even said in one of the FAQ that these tests are to help us learn more about ourselves, our troubles, how to help ourselves and so on. Nonetheless, I really enjoy reading all of these things!

So yeah, if you like you can go check me out or just see what your personality is. Have fun.



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