"Reacting" To The Fine Bros

I'm sorry for that terrible pun there, I just felt like I had to.

The Fine Brothers have been getting A LOT of backlash for their recent 'REACT WORLD' reveal. When I saw the video in my subscriptions box, being completely honest, I ignored it. I didn't really care much to watch it. Nonetheless, after their UPDATE. video went live, I knew something was up, something bad. I then watched both videos plenty times, read the comments and just watched as the whole thing grew and grew...

So many things disappoint me when it comes to this whole situation, many things being from the Fine Bros, many from their not-so-loyal fans. I get people making jokes, but some people go too far.

First off, they made a mistake. They were so excited about this announcement, how were they supposed to know it would backfire? They don't sit in our brains, neither do we in theirs! Life doesn't come with instructions, guys.
Secondly, they apologized. They did. And it was obviously quite hard for them. This was something so great for them! It was like you have been saving up for something super expensive and just as you buy it, you get into serious financial problems and have to sell it. People are seriously overreacting. Plus, they have feelings. Does nobody care? Seriously?! We're offended, sure but from all we know they could be having the hardest time in their lives right now, dealing with all of this.
What's with the unsubscribing and dislikes? Is that necessary? The Fine Bros have always been such a happy bunch and now, with all this. People feel like they can't have anything blamed on them, hating on the brothers like that. THEY MADE A MISTAKE, OKAY? Can people just chill? I'm really hoping the Fine Bros can get back to their normal selves soon.

And to anybody deliberately hating out there, think about what you're doing. You could be ruining someone's life right now. Did you think about that?



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