People Aren't Usually Like You'd Dream Them To Be

I make odd stereotypes for certain people. This sounds strange, me, being the absolute killer of stereotypes saying that I, myself, stereotype people purposefully. Hear me out:

When I say I stereotype people, I actually mean I create characters which I then stereotype. Does that make any sense? I base myself off people and then I make some of their characteristics bolder. And then I have some very clear, simple characters. I don't tend to get mixed up when it comes to thinking about the real person as its stereotype, although there are a few people whom I have known for a while now and because I created the character without knowing, the person (in my head) is also that character. And this situation leads me into thinking that the person is terrible, or beautiful or God knows what, when in reality they could be all kinds of the opposite.

This is like with crushes, when you imagine them as some kind of gods! Wow, the world really is crazy.

The sad thing is that we communicate differently. Many times you say something and wait for the other person to say what you planned them to say but they say something different because how were they supposed to know what you wanted? People don't read minds, unfortunately.



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